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Energy-saving door and window hardware, doors and Windows hardware accessories is the key


We once said: "hardware fittings are the heart of the door and window, not the supporting role."." One limb is then developed, looks good again, if the heart is not a cripple? So is the doors and windows hardware accessories, no trivial matter plays in which the role of energy-saving doors and windows, doors and windows not only with airtight, watertight and wind pressure are closely related, but also plays an important role in safety performance. Energy saving doors and windows hardware parts should take into account the following aspects:

The choice of hardware materials, materials, hardware fittings, is a good quality energy-saving door and window of the basic guarantee. Hardware parts of poor quality, easy to aging, fragmentation. This will lead to doors and windows open, not flexible or unable to open and close, so that not only can not guarantee the building doors and windows airtight performance and energy saving, but also to people's lives and safety hazards. Therefore, in the choice of hardware accessories, we must choose the quality assurance brand products, not for cheap, to small loss.

Hardware configuration above reasonable arrangement and design of energy-saving doors and windows energy-saving doors and windows hardware accessories, should choose the locking good multi-point locking system, make sure the door under the action of the wind, fan, frame deformation synchronization, effectively guarantee the reasonable combination of sealing material, the sealing strip can keep under pressure with strong state a good sealing performance, and can't choose a cheap, simple single point lock hardware configuration, hardware configuration for single point lock, by positive pressure or negative pressure in doors and windows, doors and windows in the locking position will no point deformation. The deformation can not be restored to the original position, resulting in cracks between the fan and frame, so that the hot and cold air flows through the gap between the doors and windows to form convection, and the doors and windows can not be energy-saving. Reasonable design of hardware fittings is very critical, without the correct design will make the insulation broken bridge aluminum profile lose the role of broken bridge, and connect the inside and outside to form heat conduction.

Correct assembly

The previous points of several groups of doors and windows components requirements, but the reasonable selection of components is very important, and the right to reasonable combination of various components into the system is the perfect energy-saving windows and doors, so we in the choice of door and window assembly factory, doors and windows assembly plant choose the strength and experience is very important.

The three elements from the measure of building doors and windows, sliding doors and windows because of the structure, when closing the two window sashes are not in the same plane, and between the two window sashes and around no sealing pressure, just rely on the top of overlap and gap between the top and the formation of convection, so the sliding window does not belong to energy-saving window. From the analysis above, it is only wishful thinking, the real energy-saving windows and doors, only with good material or glass and accessories is not enough, a perfect combination of good material, is the element of comprehensive evaluation system.

Energy-saving doors and windows, is a natural need for accessories collocation, then for the door and window hardware, you should understand! Need and custom aluminum doors and windows, need to customize the aluminum doors and windows etc. welcome to my company, my company to provide you with high quality door and window hardware, let your doors and windows for longer periods of time.