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Doors and Windows accessories performance?


The doors and windows use is popular, it is very popular for the sealing of the door and window hardware, then the metal doors and windows sealing what is the impact on the doors and windows, doors and windows hardware for doors and windows sealing effect.

Around the point of hardware lock lock point and lock seat distribution in the whole door; when the door is locked, the lock, lock seat firmly fastened together, and the hinge (hinge) or slide with strong sealing pressing force, the sealing strip elastic deformation, so as to provide enough windows the sealing performance, the fan frame, to form a whole; therefore, multi-point locking hardware sealing windows and doors have many benefits, can greatly improve the sealing performance of windows and doors. The single point lock hardware generated by the sealing performance is relatively worse, due to the single point lock only in the windows open side provides a single point locking, and the hinge (hinge) or slide with only 3, 4 locking points, caused by

The doors and windows have 4 corners in an unconstrained state, so the gap between the two unconstrained corners and the locking points seriously reduces the sealing performance of the doors and windows. To handle the side lock arrangement as an example: a window window width is B, height H, E bending stiffness of the sash * I, divided into single point lock, two lock, three lock point three cases (lock point fan side is not less than 0.1mm), according to the mechanical formula are given on the side of the window handle the maximum deformation value of the sealing direction.

Thus it can be seen that the deformation of the door and window fan can be greatly reduced and the sealing performance can be greatly improved after the adoption of the three locking point.

Of course, in order to meet the requirements of strength and sealing conditions, it is not appropriate to use too many locking points, otherwise, it will lead to waste.

Similarly, the use of hinge on doors and windows, most in use need to position hinge sealing strip cut, which can be used as part of installing hinge on air tightness caused by the impact we have considered? In fact due to cut off the sealant (and sealing position of critical gap) infiltration

The negative effects of energy saving are largely invisible.

People spend most of their time in the bedroom, and they sleep. It is due to the use of time and function of the special, bedroom decoration design has many unique places.

The first step is to determine the division of the region

Generally speaking, the bedroom is divided into activity area, sleep area, storage area, dressing area, exhibition area, study area and so on.

Since bedrooms are private spaces, the general principle of zoning is based on the personal needs of the owner and the size of the room. Small rooms can choose some space saving furniture, but also help to partition the bedroom more areas. Such as the use of hidden bed, can save a space, to divide more active regions.

If some partitions can go out independently, you may not have to design any more. If you have a study, you can give up the study and work area. If you have a living room, you can design the workspace separately.

The second step, the overall layout.

Door and window hardware needs to find Huaxin Hardware, Huaxin Metal doors and windows system from the design and surface treatment are based on a high starting point, high positioning, high standard products as the center, give full consideration to the humanized space design trend, compact structure, convenient operation, advanced technology. Fully realize the automation of production equipment, serialization of products, process evolution, management standardization and other operating systems.

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